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Mindful Return to Work

April 20, 2021

“Micro self-care really matters,” says Lori Mihalich-Levin, partner at a global law firm and founder of Mindful Return, an online community for working parents transitioning back from parental leave. In this episode of the Working Moms podcast, Lori is talking about all her tips and tricks for parents transitioning back to work -- from building community to buying noise cancelling headphones so you can work from home without going bonkers. 

Lori focuses the conversation around the four pillars of her Mindful Return program: mindset, logistics, leadership, and connection. Those pillars are based on her own experience as a working mom trying to go back to the law firm without any support or guidance. As Lori says, “There were a ton of classes about what my baby needs, but nothing about what I need as a parent.” 

Lori shares tons of amazing, tangible, practical tips that you can do, whether you are back in the office or still working from home in this week’s episode, so don’t miss it! 


  • “People since the dawn of time have been engaged their villages in caring for their children. What we do that’s weird is expect that it's just one person that’s supposed to be doing it.” (10:59-11:09) 
  • “My legacy is normalizing working parenthood. I blare it from the rooftops that I’ve got these kids and I’m a kickass partner at a law firm. It is possible to have the street cred and have babies as well.” (16:50-17:05)



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