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Millionaire Mindset & Intuitive Budgeting

April 6, 2021

“You do not need to be a millionaire to have a millionaire mindset,” says financial life coach Annette Schmidt. This week, Pam is talking with Annette about cultivating a millionaire mindset and how to become an intuitive budgeter -- but this isn’t about spreadsheets and tedious tracking. It’s all about making financial goals for yourself, and then making sure your money habits are in alignments with those goals. 

Annette says she “grew up” in finance because she became a banker at eighteen. She left corporate America when she became a mom, but she never lost her passion for helping people manage and grow their money. Annette shares her philosophy on wealth, and reminds us that at the end of the day, money management can’t be separated from our other life goals. She talks with Pam about finding your “why,” getting out of three common money cycles, and learning how to align your spending with what you actually enjoy. 

This episode is full of incredible, actionable ways to change your relationship with money -- you are going to want to tune in! 



  • “I really wanted to start coaching to help women start to break the money cycles we get stuck in. (2:17-2:25)
  • “The biggest piece when it comes to creating the millionaire mindset is going to be to start to look at money differently. And in order to start to look at money differently, you need to know how you look at it now.” (9:15-9:26)




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