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Growing Your Blog

May 18, 2021

“Embrace the few things you can do, and do those things really well,” says Jenny Levine Finke, Certified Integrated Nutrition Coach and author of Dear Gluten, It’s Not Me, It’s You. In this episode of Working Moms, Jenny is sharing her insider knowledge on how to grow your blog -- and actually make money! 

Jenny started her blogging journey after she was diagnosed with Celiacs disease in her 30s. She decided to enroll in an online nutrition coach training to learn more about her disease and help people like her feel better, but she soon discovered she wanted to do more than help individual clients. So, she started a blog! In the many years since, she has grown her following, started communities on social media, written a book, and made an income from her passion project. 

If you have dreams of being a blogger, you are going to want to tune in to learn more about how Jenny made it happen, and all the lessons she’s learned along the way! 


  • “I just thought if I could soak in this knowledge, I could become successful too. I think of myself as my own case study.”  
  • “You need to think of your blog, not necessarily as this physical blog online, but as a community. And when you start to see things as a community -- so I see this as a gluten free community, I’m trying to build a real sense of community here -- and so I think if you are gonna come into  this, think of it not as a blog but as building a community.”  (17:57-18:27) 


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